Restoration of Altar Window

Restoration of Altar Window

MFM Joinery recently completed one of the most arduous window restoration projects in the history of the company. As members of the Irish Georgian Society, MFM Joinery support the organisations aim to conserve, protect and foster an interest and a respect for Ireland’s architectural heritage and decorative arts.

Altar Window restoration


Over the years, we have been involved in many conservation projects, mainly focusing on the conservation and refurbishment of windows and doors in older buildings. We have worked in private homes as well as hotels and other businesses.

Following years of neglect and remedial works of very poor quality the Altar Window at Drung Church Of Ireland, Cavan has now been returned to its former glory by the expert crafts men available to us here at MFM.

Time Frame

Work to the window commenced in April of this year, with the final restored leaded units being fitted in the second week of October. Many hours of work in between consisted of extensive remedial works, both onsite and in our workshop, to the various timber components.

Glass units

However, the most striking aspect of the window is without doubt the stunning transformation of the leaded glass units. Following the removal of the shaped glazed units to the top portion of the window, each unit was documented meticulously by our expert glazer, before commencing the arduous task of recreating each individual unit.


A lot of the work by our glazer was completed in our workshop in Cavan as well as the restoration and repair of the window frames. The main window frame was refurbished onsite to conserve as much of the wood as possible.

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