Conservation & Refurbishment

Conservation & Refurbishment

At MFM Joinery, we take pride in bringing older, historic and valuable doors and windows back to life. Our refurbishment service is aimed at fully draught proofing your existing external doors or windows. This will lead to a significant reduction in your heating bills. The upgrading will vary depending on the existing state of each door/window in question.


Minimum work required would include for perimeter seals. Additional work would include a new draught sealed letterbox, upgrading existing locks and changing glass to double or triple glazing. We also offer a service of sanding down and re-spraying external doors to improve their condition and appearance.

To improve the draught proofing of your front door we recommend and offer the following steps:

  • Replace your draught sealer in the frame with a Tubex seal;
  • Change single glazing to double or triple glazing;
  • Use a metal threshold at the bottom of the door to eliminate draughts coming in under the door leaf.


Our sliding sash window refurbishment service aims at fully draught proofing and improving the working performance of the window and shutters while at the same time not interfering with, or altering, the appearance of the window.

Our process in refurbishing sliding sash windows is as follows:

  • The sashes are removed from their frame. Any decayed or decaying timber is removed and the sashes and frame are sanded down to give a smooth finish. New timber will be used where the existing timber is beyond repair. We can also replace the existing sashes and upgrade to double glazing, if required.
  • The old sash cords are replaced with new ones. Pulleys are checked to ensure they are operational. If necessary, these will be replaced. New sash lifts and catches are installed to upgrade the appearance.
  • Grooves are routered out from the top and bottom of the sashes. Proprietary draught seals are inserted in the grooves. New staff and parting beads, also with seals, are provided to ensure the window is completely sealed.
  • The sashes are placed back into the frame, re-balanced and checked to ensure they can open and shut with ease.
  • If required, shutters can be sanded down to give a smooth finish with decayed and decaying timber removed. Their working performance can be improved with new hinges or greasing.
  • Our service also includes the re-painting of windows and shutters if the client desires.
conservation and refurbishment

Georgian Society of Ireland

MFM Joinery are members of the Georgian Society of Ireland. We are listed on the traditional building skills register.

“The needs of historic buildings and structures differ to those of new buildings. In dealing with a historic building professional input is vital and craftsmen with traditional skills are a necessity. Those involved need to understand the principles and practices of conservation, as using incorrect, inappropriate or unnecessary methods can do a great deal of irreversible damage. The Register was established to ensure that those undertaking conservation work can identify craftspeople and professionals with good conservation expertise.”
– The Georgian Society of Ireland